Hearing God in Scripture

This week’s sermon is available here.

We’re digging into our series on listening to God, and this week we focused on hearing God through the main way He speaks — the Bible.

As Pastor Dan put it, the indispensable foundation for hearing God is the Christian Scripture. This is where God has spoken to us. It is His speech written down for us to know Him and His ways. Hebrews tells us that this Scripture is living and active. It’s not a dry, old book that has nothing for us — it’s God’s relevant Word to us right here and now.

I loved the points Pastor Dan gave for hearing God through the Bible.

  1. The Bible is the normal way God speaks to us. It is where we get to know Him and start to recognize His voice. It is the main way He speaks to us, so we should always start there.
  2. The Holy Spirit will never speak anything to us that is contrary to God’s Word. If you think you hear something from God, know that it will never contradict something that’s in the Bible.
  3. The Holy Spirit will always point us back to the Bible to confirm or test it. If you think you’re hearing from God, go to the Scripture and see what it says. Does what you have heard line up with the Bible?

I really appreciated Pastor Dan’s point about how it’s important for us to know the Bible so that we can recognize God’s voice. If we know the Word by reading it, meditating on it, and memorizing it, we’ll better recognize when God speaks and when He’s not speaking. There are so many opinions out there, so it’s important for us to have the Bible as our foundation so that we recognize when we’re hearing something that is contrary to what God says in His Word.

As you spend time in the Bible this week, keep in mind if things stand out to you, if you feel like God is personally addressing you, or if you notice the same theme coming up over and over. This could be God speaking directly to you through His Word.

This week, we’ve been challenged to write down our big questions to God. What are you asking Him? What do you need to hear from Him?

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