Learning to Recognize His Voice

This week’s sermon is available here.

This week we talked about learning to recognize the voice of God when He speaks. When I was young, I watched a Christian cartoon series called SuperBook. One of the episodes was all about young Samuel trying to sleep, but being constantly awakened by a voice calling to Him. As Pastor Dan spoke on Sunday, I kept picturing this cartoon in my head — Samuel going to Eli, asking why he had called him, and Eli sending Samuel back to bed. Finally, Eli figures out that it is God who is speaking to Samuel, so the next time he hears the voice, Samuel says, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” What a great response to God’s voice! Lord, speak, because I am ready and willing to listen and to act!

As we’ve talked about, the primary way God speaks is through His Word, the Bible. This is the foundational, objective way that we hear from God. The primary subjective way God speaks is through the gentle whisper of his voice — maybe through thoughts He brings to mind, or the way our hearts are moved in a certain direction.

Pastor Dan gave us a few points for figuring out how we know if these thoughts are from ourselves or from God.

  1. Does it line up with God’s Word? If it contradicts Scripture, it’s not the voice of God speaking to you.
  2. Does Godly counsel agree? Do those who know the Lord and His Word affirm this?
  3. Do I have peace about this?
  4. Are circumstances lining up with what I’m hearing from God?

God gives us direction through His Word and through speaking to us. He reconciles us to Himself when we ask for His forgiveness. And what is so amazing and wonderful is that He calls us friends! God likes us and invites us to be in deep relationship with Him. God speaks to us so that we can know Him more and walk in His way.

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