What Can I Expect to Hear from God?

This week’s sermon is available here.

We continued in our series on listening to God this week. Pastor Dan pointed out that listening to God begins with recognizing that we live in a world filled with God’s presence and voice. There is more going on than we tend to see or hear. When we stop to listen, we realize that God is speaking. In order to listen to God, we also need to have a longing to hear from Him. We need to care about what He’s saying.

I think this was an important point from the message. I think it might be cool to hear from God — through His Word or His still, small voice. But my desire to hear from God shouldn’t be just to make me feel good or to satisfy my curiosity. God speaks so that we’ll obey Him.

I saw this video yesterday that explains what it means to “listen” in the Bible. The word is inextricably linked with the idea of obedience. Listening to God means doing what He says. Check it out.

(p.s. more videos like this are available at The Bible Project, and some of them are on RightNow Media.)

It was also neat to be reminded that Jesus listened to God. His judgments, decisions and words come after spending time listening to the Father.

As we listen to Jesus, He will talk to us about Himself, He will speak to us personally, He will remind us that He longs for us, He will convict us of our sin, and He will give us instruction for life. I appreciated the reminder that every part of our lives — family, work, finances, relationships — are informed by God. There is no separation between the secular and the sacred. God has instructions for all of life, and when we listen to Him through His Word and His Holy Spirit, we receive guidance.

Pastor Dan gave us three questions to ask God in our journaling this week:

  1. Lord, what do you think or feel about me?
  2. What are Your plans and purposes for me?
  3. What do You and I have in common?

Think on these things as you listen to God this week!

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