How Can I Know It’s God’s Voice?

This week’s sermon is available online here.

This past Sunday, we finished up our sermon series on listening to God.

We’ve covered a lot the past few weeks as we’ve thought about what it means to listen to God, to hear His voice through Scripture and His gentle whisper, and then to act on what He says.

I appreciated the reminder this week that sin so ruins and affects our relationship with God. Adam and Eve, who had experienced perfect union with God, were afraid of His voice after they sinned. They knew that they were guilty, and the voice of God would hold them accountable to that. How amazing that because of what Jesus did for us on the cross, our relationship with God can be fully reconciled. We no longer need to fear Him, but we get to praise Him and delight in Him and obey Him once again.

Pastor Dan mentioned four voices out there that speak to us: the voice of the enemy, other people, our own thoughts, and God’s voice. We need to be able to distinguish God’s voice from the others. Pastor Dan pointed out that God’s voice has a certain quality of sound — there is authority when God speaks. God’s voice will also always conform to what is in the Bible and His character that is revealed there.

Pastor Dan also mentioned that we need to listen to God for a breakthrough in our lives. We may not always like the instruction God gives us — oftentimes He speaks and asks us to do hard things, like give up certain sins that we’ve clung to. But we have to listen and obey in order to get to the breakthrough that will bring us freedom.

Finally, the three points that Pastor Dan ended with I think are useful for us as we continue to take time to listen to God:

  1. If God doesn’t seem to be speaking, we should check for sin in our lives, and if we find nothing hindering us, we should just appreciate being in the presence of Jesus. He has spoken through His Word, and we can cling to those truths at all times.
  2. We need to make sure we deal with our self-importance. If God is speaking, it often has to do with Him and His glory, and has very little to do with us.
  3. Be careful with devotional books. I appreciated this point, because sometimes we see things labeled as “Christian” and we run with them as full truth. But as Pastor Dan mentioned, we know and prophesy in part (1 Corinthians 13:9). The words in a devotional book are not the same level as the words in Scripture. The Bible is our go-to for truth and for hearing from God.

We’ve learned a lot in this series, and have a lot to think about as we listen to God! A few parting questions:

  • What has stood out to you the most in this series?
  • How do you plan to move forward now that you’ve learned more about hearing God’s voice?
  • What might God be speaking to you about today?

One Comment on “How Can I Know It’s God’s Voice?

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Pastor Dan’s messages.
    As a mother and grandmother, I have to brag about the song Dave wrote that went along with the theme and he, Kaylee and others sang during the offering yesterday.

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