2018 January Congregation Meeting Notes – Jordan Polson

In case you missed the meeting, I want to update you on some great things we heard and learned from our time together on January 24th.

Dan opened our time together with some comments that are worth mentioning again for you to read.

  • In light of the vision that God gave us, we are called to remain focused on the three main things we feel God has called us to pursue:
  1. We feel strongly that we are to give everyone in Central Alberta and opportunity to know Jesus. That’s why we ask everyone at CrossRoads to be praying for three people that need to find the good news of Jesus. We ask that everyone also be engaged in one-minute-longer-conversations because you never know where those conversations might lead, knowing that the Holy Spirit is at work in the lives of everyone that crosses our path.
  2. Being compassion focused. We are in Uganda with International Needs in the town of Buikwe, Rwanda in the Yamasheki community working with local churches, and in Haiti Grand Goave, partnering with Haiti Arise. Locally, we know there are many areas that we can focus on, but recent studies we have conducted have shown us that our primary focus should be on single parent homes, working with the parents and those children that are most vulnerable. Therefore we are stepping into the school world in new and significant ways. We work with Big Brothers Big sisters, the Women’s Shelter, and Central Alberta Pregnancy Centre.
  3. Being active in outreach and the spreading of the gospel throughout the world, most specifically in the Middle East, The Gulf, and Northern Africa. We believe strongly that we need to become a church that is committed to understanding and praying for the persecuted believers in these areas, which includes assisting financially and other ways the growing of leaders and pastors in these same areas. Lastly, we want to reach Muslims with the good news of Jesus in these same areas here at home. Over the past 7 years we have provided over $650,000 for reaching Muslims with the good news. We have provided the means and the funds to translate a book with audio from a Canadian author that has been heard by over 60 million people, and has been instrumental in 10’s of thousands coming to Christ.
  • We are also celebrating 10 years since we started the Global Compassion Committee and commissioning them to lead us by defining projects that we can engage in as a church family.
  • Over the past 10 years, CrossRoads has provided over 8 million dollars in all it’s compassion and missional efforts both locally and world wide. It has been faithful giving and praying that has made these things possible.
  • We are seeing many come to Christ here in Central Alberta and it matters. It matters that you and I are praying for three people and engaging with the people with no hope.


Then we heard some great stories from many who stood up to tell of God’s goodness in their lives. These stories are always amazing and you’ll have to come to the next meeting in June to hear more of these stories!

After welcoming 17 people into membership at CrossRoads Church, we took time to affirm our existing Board Members with a card ballot, Brad Vonkeman (Chair), Marci Wilson, Todd Newfield, Doug MacDormand, Chip Belt, Lawrence Tomalty and Karen Wiebe. All were re-affirmed in their role as Board Members (we also call them Elders).

Rob Warrender, our Church Treasurer, recapped our year end financial report as prepared by our accountant, BDO. The things he highlighted were:

  • The Statement of Operations contains our general church activities (what we do corporately), staffing, missional efforts, the building and the activities of all our various ministries. The funds contributed weekly by everyone goes first to General Offerings to provide for operations and subsidizing the ministries, and then funds that come in that are designated to Missions.
  • General Operations giving was up last year by approximately $148K which was an increase of 4%.
  • On the expenditure side we were up over last year $138K.
  • We were positive at the end of the year by approximately $61K.
  • Our debt repayment continues to drop significantly because of the gifts provided by you throughout the year, and the two offerings taken in May and October. There is a real possibility that the mortgage will be paid off by the end of the new fiscal year (August 2018)
  • Please contact Bobbik@crossroadschurh.ca or JordanP@crossroadschurch.ca if you have any further questions.

Then I had shared a current review at the end of 5 months into our current fiscal year. The things that I highlighted were:

  • General Fund giving to date is 96% of our budget, of which only 84% of the budget has been expensed. The expenses will catch up to the income over the course of the year, as there are some expenses that are paid later in the year.
  • The giving has increased in the first 5 months of the year by little over 2%, however this still remains short of what will be needed for us to accomplish all that we have planned this year. Currently we are running short by $80k.
  • We are grateful for the giving for the Compassion Offering in December. A total of $275k was received.
  • Bobbi Kroeger (our Finance Manager) uploads current financial pictures to our website on a regular basis. Please feel free to go look at the reports on a regular basis, or send your questions directly to bobbik@crossroadschurch.ca

Brad Vonkeman, our Board Chair, spoke to us about Phase 4, the final phase planned for this site, and provided some history and projections on time lines for completing the phase. The things he highlighted were:

  • We were reminded of our vision and that there are many who yet need to hear the good news of Jesus. This vision takes all of us actively pursuing God’s heart for Central Alberta (in your neighbourhood, your place of work, in your family).
  • The Board has been praying, asking God for direction as it pertains to the timing to complete the building. The Board recognizes the building is not our vision, but only a tool to provide space for people to hear and to grow in God. We believe that we are being called to proceed with Phase 4 and as we continue to pray about these things, we will proceed with updating our needs assessment from 2008.
  • Brad shared some historical God moments through the life of Phase 1 through Phase 3. The one that continues to amaze, was God’s direction to us in 2008 to phase the building rather than complete it all at once. If we had missed this, we would have not had the current space for children and for youth.
  • It would be important for all to recognize that even with Phase 4 completed, our vision to reach all Central Alberta will need to remain strong in our hearts. We could never build a building large enough to hold all those that God will bring to Himself. Phase 4 is just our next step.
  • Therefore, the Board passed a motion in January to begin the needs assessment for Phase 4. This includes the expansion of the sanctuary, additional foyer space, a second café, office space, and other needs that arise during the assessment.
  • In May-June of this year we will hold some open meetings once we know the needs, the foot print, and rough budget so that we can discuss Phase 4 together as a congregation for all those that wish to participate in a Q&A. The intent will be to present a draft drawing and budget to the congregation in our June Congregation Meeting for approval to proceed with the build in the spring of 2019.
  • For now, as the Building Committee prepare the necessary details pertaining to Phase 4, our part together is to be praying, asking God to provide His direction and the necessary resources to do all that He asks of us.
  • If you have any questions or comments up front, please feel free to send me and email at boardchair@crossroadschurch.ca , or send your questions/comments to Jordan Polson at jordanp@crossroadschurch.ca.

Pastor Tracy, Pastor of Missions and Outreach, gave us an update on our Refugee families that we anticipate joining us this year. The things she highlighted were:

  • The 1st family that is coming is being sponsored by a G5 Group and will arrive on February 23rd. The Abu Zakaria family; dad and 3 kids (ages 20, 12, and 10).
  • The 2nd family coming is a CrossRoads Church family and we aren’t exactly sure when they will land in Canada. The Balah family; Dad, Mom and 3 sons (ages 21, 15 and 3).
  • The 3rd family is still waiting to hear when they are coming. The grandma will also be coming with the family. They are also a CrossRoads Church sponsored family. The Bako family; Dad, Mom and 2 daughters (ages 8 and 3).
  • The 4th family will be part of our church family and will also be sponsored by a G5 Group and is waiting to get more details.
  • The greatest need in the long run for these families is for relationship and connection. To help facilitate this, we will set up a visitation schedule once our family has settled in a bit. You can visit, enjoy some tea/coffee or take them out and help them practice English.
  • When these families arrive, we will need your help. We will need help to get them familiar with the community and life in Canada, and need people to commit to learn about and facilitate the following critical roles.
  • For a list of how you can help, please contact the Missions office by calling the office or sending an email to missions@crossroadschurch.ca.

We concluded our time together with some coffee/tea and cookies! Our next meeting will be on Wednesday June 27th and we hope to hear many more stories of God’s goodness among us, more on Phase 4, and we might even have some of our Refugee families with us! See you there!

Jordan Polson, Executive Pastor


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