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A wonderful notion – one worth aspiring to. Hope is not something like, ‘I hope it doesn’t rain today’, or ‘I hope I get a raise’. It is for me (a believer) the certainty of what my God has for me, both in the here and now on this earth plus what is waiting for me on the day I arrive in Heaven. It is something that I am certain of though this… Read More

You can watch this week’s sermon right here. We are in the first week of advent, and Pastor Shawn led us through a message of hope. But what is advent, exactly? Advent is one of the seasons that many churches celebrate in the church calendar. It is a month to anticipate and prepare for our celebration of the birth of the Messiah, Jesus! Advent is a version of the Latin word for… Read More

Listen to Sunday’s sermon here or watch it below! On Sunday we had Ashwin Ramani from Centre Street Church in Calgary come speak to us. He talked to us about finding hope in troubled times, and it was an encouraging message, reminding us that God is in control. Ashwin reminded us of all the things we tend to worry about and the circumstances that tend to discourage us. There is a lot… Read More

Pastor Dan’s sermon, “Dry Bones” is available to watch or listen to right here. A number of years ago, my roommates and I had all gone through difficult things right around the same time. Break-ups, job losses — lots of stuff. During that time, we all heard a sermon on Ezekiel 37 at our church. We decided to memorize verses 1-14 — the passage Pastor Dan spoke on yesterday. We wanted this… Read More

by Denise Snyder So we’ve been discussing the fascinating world of church budgets the past few months! We’re glad for the chance to share with you how we use the tithes and offerings you so generously contribute to what God is doing at CrossRoads, in Central Alberta, and around the world! This month we’re going to explore the budgets for our Hope Ministries and Worship Arts Ministries. Hope Ministries Hope Ministries at… Read More