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You can watch Pastor Dan’s sermon right here. We were so blessed this week to be able to celebrate baptisms together! I love getting to watch people step forward and publicly declare their faith in Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. What a great moment to rejoice with our brothers and sisters! I appreciated Pastor Dan’s clear presentation of the gospel (good news) about Jesus! Those baptizees recognized that Jesus is the… Read More

You can watch this week’s sermon right here. This week we continued our study of Jesus’ final week by looking at what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane. What hit me most are some of the powerful images from that difficult night. For example, in his video about the path to the cross, Ray VanderLaan talks about the meaning of Gethsemane in Hebrew. It’s a combination of the words, “gat” and “shemanim.”… Read More

This week’s sermon is available right here. This week we were in Mark 14 studying the story of the woman who poured out perfume on the feet of Jesus. We talked first about the fact that in this passage, we see love poured out. This woman came to Jesus and poured an entire bottle of expensive perfume over Jesus’ head. She gave everything  — her possession that was worth a year’s wages… Read More

This week’s sermon is available to watch here. This week Pastor Shawn continued taking us through the final week of Jesus. We stayed in Mark 11 and looked at the incident where Jesus drives the money changers out of the temple. This event–this show of Jesus’ anger–is a side of Him that people seem to either want to ignore completely or want to talk about all the time. Unfortunately, I’ve seen both… Read More

We started a new series this week that’s going to take us through Easter! We’re looking at the events of the final week of Jesus, which I think is a great way to prepare our hearts to contemplate, remember and celebrate what Jesus accomplished through His death and resurrection. To watch this week’s sermon, check it out here. Also, you can find the post about the meaning of Lent right here. This… Read More

You can watch this week’s sermon right here. This week we explored the story of the Bible — from beginning to end! We took some time to remember and talk through all that God has done — the way He has provided for our salvation, and the faithfulness He has to His promises. There’s so much we didn’t get to cover in talking through God’s story, so I just want to recommend… Read More

We continued our series on Christianity on Sunday by talking about the reasons for Jesus’ death. You can watch the sermon right here. Christianity is the only world religion that claims victory through the death of its leader. This goes against what makes sense to the world. In fact, Paul talks about this in 1 Corinthians 1 — what seems like foolishness to the world is exactly what God used to bring… Read More

You can watch Sunday’s sermon right here. This week Pastor Dan continued our discussion of the basics of Christianity by addressing the uniqueness of Jesus. We talked a bit about the reliability of the Gospels, and I want to go a bit deeper with that today. How do we know that what we have about the life of Jesus is true? It is important to remember that the Gospels were written during… Read More

On Sunday we started a new series that we’ll be in together for the next couple of months. We’re going to be discussing the basics of Christianity — what it is and why it matters. This series will shore us up on what it means to be a Christian, what we believe as Christians, who Jesus is, what the Bible says, and so much more. This will be a great foundation for… Read More

My heart has been heavy all week with the tragedy of what is going on in Syria. As a new mom, I have been thinking of these families who are suffering and whose children are dying. How can they bear it? And this week Pastor Dan shared an update from his trip to Greece — hearing about the refugees who are trapped in these camps, perhaps for the rest of their lives… Read More