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You can watch this week’s sermon right here. This week we continued our study of Jesus’ final week by looking at what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane. What hit me most are some of the powerful images from that difficult night. For example, in his video about the path to the cross, Ray VanderLaan talks about the meaning of Gethsemane in Hebrew. It’s a combination of the words, “gat” and “shemanim.”… Read More

This week’s sermon is available to watch here. This week Pastor Shawn continued taking us through the final week of Jesus. We stayed in Mark 11 and looked at the incident where Jesus drives the money changers out of the temple. This event–this show of Jesus’ anger–is a side of Him that people seem to either want to ignore completely or want to talk about all the time. Unfortunately, I’ve seen both… Read More

Pastor Shawn’s sermon on joy can be found right here. This week we talked about joy and what it actually means. During the Christmas season, we often hear about being joyful, but what does that look like, exactly? Does it mean we’re always happy, always smiling, always jumping up and down with excitement? I hope not, because if so, I’m probably not a consistently joyful person. But Pastor Shawn talked about joy… Read More

Pastor Shawn’s sermon is available here or you can watch it below! This week we talked about the importance of community in our lives. God has surrounded us with a community of believers to encourage us, support us, and yes — challenge us. We continued in Romans 12 with some verses that reminded us to not think of ourselves more highly than we should. Each of us is a part of the… Read More

On Sunday Pastor Shawn started a two-part series on New Identity. You can listen to it or watch it here. We spent some time looking at the book of Romans, written by the Apostle Paul, and what it says about sin. Oh, sin. That word we don’t like. That thing that trips us up over and over. Pastor Shawn pointed out that we act sinfully — we make poor choices that reject… Read More